I am not a millionaire.  Heck, I’m barely even a thousandaire, and sometimes I don’t even reach those heady echelons.  I’ve purchased a lot of rum in my time.  Nary a month goes by that I’m not in some market grabbing a bottle or 7 of things I’m running out of, or that I just saw and thought, “Oooh!”  That being said, I can’t afford to review all of these rums that you see me reviewing if I were to attempt to purchase all of them myself.  Heck, some of the rums that I get to try aren’t available where I live or even in my hemisphere for that matter.

Because of my desire to constantly try new rums and tell the world about them, and because people like yourself seem to like hearing my opinions about these rums, various liquor producers, distributors, and marketing folk will often provide me with samples specifically for the purposes of review.  Without these free samples, this site would have about 30 rums to review and then I’d pretty much be broke and done doing reviews.


It is the policy of Matt Robold and RumDood.com to solicit and/or accept samples provided by 3rd parties for the purposes of review and education on this website (see below).  While not all products discussed on this site have been provided by 3rd parties, readers of RumDood.com should assume – unless it is declared otherwise – that any product that is reviewed on this site has been provided by a 3rd party.  These 3rd parties may or may not be agents of the producers of said products, and are required by Federal Trade Commission guidelines to declare and disclose that they have provided this site with samples.

Provision of samples does not constitute a purchased endorsement of any product by this site.  All reviews – positive or negative – are the opinion of the author of the review. Positive reviews or mentions are not provided on any quid pro quo basis, and any attempt to engage in such an arrangement will result in the product being banned from this website.


This website, as stated above, accepts samples.  I couldn’t do my job if I didn’t.  I wouldn’t be aware of all of the great products available to the consumer if it wasn’t for my ability to receive and review products provided by producers and their affiliates.  If you have a product that is somehow related to rum, cocktails, or mixology – be it a bottle, a tool, or a book – please feel free to contact me about it.

Some simple guidelines for sending me samples:

  1. Contact me via the “Contact” form or email me at dood [at] rumdood.com to let me know that you have a product you think my readers and I would be interested in and that you are sending it to me.
  2. Please package your sample very carefully. Neither of us is going to be very happy if I receive a soggy box full of glass shards.
  3. Samples of spirits should be no less than 375mL.  I will occasionally make exceptions, but please contact me prior to sending anything smaller than 375mL.  This size restriction is to ensure that A) I can get a good photo of your packaging, and B) There is enough of a sample for a two-day review and some cocktail experimentation, as how your product mixes is part of my review process.
  4. Please include any information available about the product possible, specifically information regarding the process used to create the product, the product and company’s history, and the price and availability of the product.

Samples should be sent to:

Matt Robold
367 N. Wedgewood Lane Unit A
Orange, California 92869


This site currently participates in two advertising networks: FoodBuzz and the Cocktails & Spirits Online Writers Group Advertising Network.  The content of these ads is not under the control of Matt Robold or RumDood.com, and an advertisement of any product through those networks is not an endorsement of that product by Matt Robold or RumDood.com.

Companies interested in direct marketing arrangements should contact Matt Robold either using the “Contact” form or by emailing dood [at] rumdood.com.