Correction & Thanks

I’ve added a note and made a correction on my most recent review of Ron Zacapa Centenario.  When I first published the review, I stated that the rum was made from molasses.  This was an error.  The rum is actually made from the “sugar cane honey”, or freshly squeezed juice of sugar cane, and not from the by-product of the sugar-making process as I had erroneously and feloniously and someotheroniously stated.

I’ve since corrected the review, but wanted to make extra sure that the error was corrected, lest anyone else sound as foolish as the ever-humbled Dood.  Stupid error…and I’d have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for that meddling Scott.

I’d also like to thank Scott from Scottes’ Rum Pages for pointing out the error in a successful bid to keep his blog better run and more useful than mine.  If you haven’t checked out Scott’s site, go do so now.  Don’t even read this sentence about what a fascinating site it is, or the detail that I base a lot of how I review a rum on how Scott does it.  The breadth of data on that site is astounding, and I’m still trying to read all of it myself.

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