Twas The Punch Before Christmas – UPDATE

Twas The Punch Before Christmas – UPDATE post image

Today is the last day to get your punches in for the first ever Malo/RumDood punch competition, sponsored by Kraken Rum!

If you’re interested in competing in what is certain to be one of the most fun contests in quite a while and for a shot at $500, you need to get your punch recipes in to me at contests [at] by 11:59:59 PM TODAY!

Refresher of the rules:

  • Punches must contain spirits, spices, sugar, citrus, and some weak element.  It does not need to use rum.
  • You must be able to attend the event to serve your punch, or at least have a friend/colleague/android show up in your place at Malo on December 10th at 6pm

If you’re interested in attending but not competing, we’ve got that information available here! Hope to see everyone there!  It’s a guaranteed way to get on Santa’s “Good” list.