Anything worth doing…

…is worth doing right.  So they say at least, and that is why I made good and sure that I did things right when I fell out of that pickup truck this weekend, breaking my right arm and spraining my left elbow.  This isn’t exactly how I had envisioned opening my new blog.

But that’s how the Dood crumbles I guess – in a heap on the ground, writhing in agony while spouting whatever obscenities he can.

This does mean that my postings will be a tad short for a while.  It’s just not much fun to type with one hand  – especially when that hand is attached to a sprained elbow.  I can’t say that I’m pleased about that…I’ve been meaning to get some rum-related posts up for a while now and the difficulty I’m having typing this tells me that more time will likely pass before those ever see the light of you computer screen.

Fear not faithful person that accidentally stumbled across this blog!  The updates will come!