A New System For Rating Rums – Part 1

Is one 4-star rum always as good as another 4-star rum? How much better is a 5-star rum than a 4-star rum? Really, what’s the mathematical value of these stars or barrel or toenail clippings that we reviewers like to use for saying something is good or bad or average, anyway? This is a problem [...]

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Cachaça: To Rum Or Not To Rum

Cachaça makers and importers have been celebrating the recent agreement between the USA and Brazil that has Brazil recognizing American spirits like Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey in exchange for the American recognition of Cachaça as its own spirit category. Until now all cachaça in the United States has been categorized as “rum” by the TTB [...]

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Trader Tiki, Painkiller NY Change Names

File this under “things people have been talking about a lot for the past two days.” Both Trader Tiki’s Exotic Syrups and Painkiller NY Tiki Bar have announced name changes this week due to litigation relating to trademarks. Both changes have brought on a great deal of anger from the community (though I’ll admit that [...]

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Mai Tai: The Butchered Beverage

The Mai Tai is probably one of the better-known rum cocktails – right up there with the mojito and the daiquiri.  It’s practically the King of Tiki or Tropical drinks.  Anyone that’s ever been on a vacation to a tropical island or locale has probably ordered one at some point.  And the sad fact of [...]

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Save “Three Sheets”

I don’t often do this (like I’ve never done it before), but I wanted to take a moment to try and spread the word about Zane Lamprey’s TV show, “Three Sheets”, which currently airs on MOJOHD.  Apparently MOJOHD is closing its doors by the end of the year, and take its programming lineup with it [...]

Anything worth doing…

…is worth doing right.  So they say at least, and that is why I made good and sure that I did things right when I fell out of that pickup truck this weekend, breaking my right arm and spraining my left elbow.  This isn’t exactly how I had envisioned opening my new blog. But that’s [...]