Site Layout Issues

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, because I know I tested the new layout here in Internet Explorer before publishing it a month or so ago, but many thanks to Dan from Temptryst for pointing out to me that the layout of the blog has been…um…wonky in IE for a while now.  I use Firefox as my browser of choice, so I hadn’t noticed.

I’ve got it somewhat sorted, but I know it’s still not 100% correct yet (I’m thinking the RumDood logo should probably actually be visible in that big blue space on the top-right).  I’m still working on it…and if I find the people at Microsoft who worked on CSS rendering and decided that there was no reason to render the same as – oh – EVERYBODY ELSE, let’s just say I shan’t be buying that person a drink.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s patience….I know you must have been exercising a good deal of it, cause 60% of you are using IE to visit the site, and no one had reported the problem.  Here at, we’re (read: I) dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service…or something.  So I’ll have it fixed soon, I swear.

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  • Doug Winship

    June 15, 2008, 21:54

    Just to let you know, it works just peachy in Safari!