Rum Chat At Mixoloseum

My reputation as a Crushing Crusher of Rum precedes me.  I’m not sure what that even means, but then again I think I’m the one who coined the phrase, so I guess it doesnt’ really matter.

On Monday, August 25, the Mixoloseum will be hosting a chat focused on my favorite libation and yours, rum.  The chat begins at 9 pm EDT (6 pm Pacific Dood Time), and will include such rum luminaries as Scott Steeve’s of Scottes’  Rum Pages, Rick of Kaiser Penguin, Blair Reynolds (aka Trader Tiki), Phil Gomes of Cachacagora, and yours truly, the one and only RumDood.

According to Gabriel’s “press release” we’re going to be discussing rum in all its various facets, from sipping to mixing to use as a tooth whitener.  Also, audience participation is encouraged, so get yourself a cocktail (made with rum, of course), register at the Mixoloseum, and join us with your questions and comments.  I promise that at least one of us (probably Rick) will responsibly try to address everyone’s questions informatively and logically.