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I don’t write about TV shows about cocktails and spirits very often.  This probably is related somehow to the dearth of decent shows about cocktails and spirits on TV.  Oh sure, there are about 375,938,986,634 shows about food, but drink?  Not so much  (Side note: Don’t get me wrong, I love me some food – as my waistline and dusty-yet-terrified Wii Fit will attest – but c’mon, there should be a little parity here don’t you think?).

Enter Zane Lamprey and his program, Three Sheets.  A show on TV that’s funny, informative and takes you all over the world to see what the drinking culture is like in different places, as well as what spirits are made where and how they’re made?  What part of that sounds bad?  And don’t just say “The part where I’m not the one doing the traveling or drinking.”

I mean sure, I hold a deep, burning sense of jealousy about Zane and his so-called job. I want my own book, comedy tour and website New Year’s Eve Extravaganza.  Also I want a plush monkey that I can take with me everywhere I go.

In 2008 it looked like we might lose Three Sheets to the dustbin of time thanks to the sinking ship that was MOJO.  Luckily the Fine Living Network picked up the show and all was right with the world – unless, like me, you didn’t get FLN in HD in which case all was just almost right.

travelchannel_logoThis week I received an email from the Travel Channel with great news: Three Sheets is coming to the Travel Channel!

That’s right, starting on April 14th at 11pm (EST/PST) Three Sheets will be on the same network that fills my Tivo with episodes of No Reservations, Man Versus Food and Bizarre Foods.

In my initial excitement about the news I missed a rather key detail that prompted this post.  Three Sheets is coming to the Travel Channel…for one month.  Once we find ourselves muddling past the ides of May, Three Sheets could very well have aired its last episode and network execs everywhere will decide that what we really need is fewer drinking shows and more reality celebrity cooking competition shows…or maybe reality shows where the competition is to cook celebrities.

There is hope though.  According to Zane’s website, if the show gets good enough ratings for that month, the Travel Channel will pick it up for a 5th season.  We once again have a shot at saving a fun show about drinking!

So this is my call to arms, dear readers.  If you have a TV and some sort of device hooked to a cable that provides you with moving pictures from underground or space or whatever, it is your DUTY to tune in and watch Three Sheets this month.

Not only you, but your friends, your relatives, people you pass on the street.  Tell the barista that makes you your double chocolate expresso upside down caramel chai latte every morning to do it or you’ll start going to 7-11 for your coffee.  That cute server at the restaurant around the corner from work?  Promise to stop stalking them if they’ll promise to watch Three Sheets for a month.  If you have a blog, then get a post up like this one.

Stop remembering that only you can prevent forest fires and start remembering that only you can save Three Sheets.

Three Sheets will be airing on the Travel Channel and Travel Channel HD at 11pm and 11:30pm Eastern and Pacific every Wednesday night starting on April 14th before possibly going drunkenly into that good night.  Let’s avoid having to ever see the dawn and that post-Three Sheets hangover.

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  • forrest

    April 8, 2010, 08:08

    i will DVR it for you my friend…
    i am not really a fan (i think it is the petty/savage jealous asshole inside of me) but who knows. . .i may get converted and i can do my part to save a worthwhile show!

    ~~** by the way you don’t have to stop stalking me, i like it 😉

  • Blair Reynolds

    April 8, 2010, 08:27

    Don’t worry Matt, we’re starting our town TV show next year, called “Rum-holes”.

  • Jordan

    April 8, 2010, 21:35

    It’s also on Hulu, but I’m not sure how much watching it on that site will help convince the cable company to keep it on the air.

  • Dave

    April 13, 2010, 11:13

    I love Three Sheets and I’ll definitely be watching it and grabbing it with the DVR too. I hope the episodes will be new ones.

  • Pantagruel

    April 20, 2010, 12:53

    Shite, I got the same notice and forgot about it, and I’m just now catching up on my reading since I was traveling so I missed the first one. I’ll catch tomorrow’s and hope a repeat of last week’s. Thanks for the reminder.

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