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5 Things I’ve Learned Behind The Bar

I’ve now spent nearly a year on the working side of a bar every Sunday. I went into the adventure planning on maybe doing a few shifts as a barback for Jason at 320 Main and somehow managed to progress from Jason’s shadow to Sunday Lunch Bartender to Sunday Night Bartender in the process. In [...]

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Rum 101: How To Get Started With Rum

If I wanted to get started with rum, how would I do that? I guess it’s not too surprising that this is a question I field rather frequently.  People find out that you run a rum blog, hang out in virtual communities like the Ministry of Rum Forums, attend rum conferences, and boast a personal [...]

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Where Can I Buy That Rum?

I’ve noticed over the past few months, as the number of readers of my blog have gone up, so have the number of emails and comments.  I really enjoy this.  I like hearing that someone enjoyed my review or is going to try a cocktail recipe I wrote about or that they agree that such [...]

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