Rum 101

Rum 101: Six Summer Cocktails

Rum 101 is a continuing series of posts on rum and rum cocktails Beating the summer heat is one of the top priorities for any person living outside of the Arctic Circle when the sun begins its months-long crusade to bake every person on the face of the planet.  While we’re half-way through summer here [...]

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Rum 101: Rum In The USA

When most people think of spirits in the United States, they think of Rye, Bourbon, or Tennessee Sour Mash – the Holy Trinity of American Whiskey.  What they don’t realize is that another spirit has defined the US – and pretty much the entirety of the Western Hemisphere – almost since Europeans first set foot [...]

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Rum 101: How To Get Started With Rum

If I wanted to get started with rum, how would I do that? I guess it’s not too surprising that this is a question I field rather frequently.  People find out that you run a rum blog, hang out in virtual communities like the Ministry of Rum Forums, attend rum conferences, and boast a personal [...]

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