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Rum 101: Rum In The USA

When most people think of spirits in the United States, they think of Rye, Bourbon, or Tennessee Sour Mash – the Holy Trinity of American Whiskey.  What they don’t realize is that another spirit has defined the US – and pretty much the entirety of the Western Hemisphere – almost since Europeans first set foot [...]

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Old New Orleans 10 Year Old Rum

At long last we come to the tearful ending of our journey through the Old New Orleans Rums.  Having started with the Crystal, spent time with the Amber, and rejoiced in Cajun Spiced‘s embodiment of the holidays, it is now time to discuss the final offering from Celebration Distillation: Old New Orleans 10 Year Old [...]

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Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced Rum

The Old New Orleans Crystal and Amber reviews are in the can.  As we enter month two of my one-month focus on Old New Orleans Rum, we move on to their third offering: Old New Orleans Cajun Spice Rum.Spiced rum (often referred to as just “spice” in the Islands) is one of the more common [...]

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Old New Orleans Amber Rum

One rum down, three more to go in my quest to complete the entire line of rums from Celebration Distillation.  I had planned to do the entire line before the end of August, but that’s beginning to look a tad unlikely.  So good news for the New Orleans-o-philes: the August Spotlight will continue to shine [...]

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Old New Orleans Crystal Rum

As you and I continue our August Spotlight on Old New Orleans Rum, we come to the first product in their line of offerings, the Old New Orleans Crystal Rum.  I say first because I have to start somewhere; and after the distillery tour, why not start with the most basic of any company’s rum: [...]

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