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Ron de Jeremy

I honestly don’t think that there has been a rum – or any product for that matter – that I have had more people ask me for my opinion on in hushed tones than Ron de Jeremy. There’s a palpable amount of intrigue surrounding this new product. Here you have a product that has been [...]

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Admiral Rodney Extra Old St. Lucia Rum

We all have our first loves. They’re the ones that we never forget and that always have a special place in our hearts. They’re the ones that caught us by surprise, made us feel things we had never felt before and opened a whole new world to us – new textures and flavors all for [...]

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Montanya Oro

Rum from Colorado just sounds a bit “off.”  Who in their right mind would decide that the Rocky Mountains is the right place to plop down a distillery to make the favored spirit of the Caribbean? Karen and Brice Hoskin would. They started Montanya in 2008 with the idea of making rum using fresh, American-grown [...]

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Montanya Platino

American rum is a tradition that goes back to the early colonial days when the tricorn hat was still en vogue. While the cyclical nature of fashion has not yet brought back the tricorn (for reasons that still escape me), American rum has been making quite the comeback.

Granted, if you were to consider where American rum would be made a few places might cross your mind. New England has historically be the center of American rums (think Medford Rum). New Orleans and Hawaii sort of jump out at you too. Colorado, on the other hand, probably doesn’t crack the Top Ten list for “Where do I think American rum comes from?”

Montanya Rum is made in Silverton, Colorado. Yes, rum in the Rocky Mountains.

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