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5 Rum Drinks For The Holidays

Snowflakes are falling.  Gifts are being wrapped and given. Cards and candles are everywhere.  It’s almost like there’s something special going on this time of year. While spending time – willingly or otherwise – with friends and family, it just feel right without the right drink to add to the merriment (or help with the [...]

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Volcano House Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum is a frequent holiday drink that frequently finds itself at the business end of tinkering.  In a recent post I discussed the essential or basic Hot Buttered Rum, a simple mixture of rum, butter, hot water, sugar, and spices.  Any drink that exists as long as Hot Buttered Rum is bound to [...]

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Hot Buttered Rum

When the weather starts getting nippy* and additional layers of clothes are required for keeping yourself from freezing to your couch, warm drinks are a perfect way to keep yourself thawed out.  Of course, a little rum never hurts. Hot Buttered Rum 2 oz Rum 3 tsp Sugar .5 tsp Allspice .5 tsp Cloves 1 [...]

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