MariePalooza: A Tiki Band Aid

You may or may not know Marie King. Marie is the bar manager at Don The Beachcomber in Huntington Beach, California.  DTB is, of course, the former bastion of the Tiki movement that one Donn Beach once held court in as he introduced the world to drinks like the Zombie (and the 34 other varieties [...]

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Cruising Chronicles: Anguilla Surprise

Well I’ve finally returned from my 7 day journey through the Northeastern Caribbean.  We had a great time and bought one or two bottle of rum.  OK, OK…we bought somewhere around 11 different bottles of rum.One of my main goals during this cruise on the Caribbean Princess was to make my way to Anguilla during [...]

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Review: La Pizza Grotto

No, I have no idea what kind of name that is either.I had hoped to open this new blog with some rum postings, but my injuries put me a bit behind, so my notes on trying Temptryst Cherrywoood and converting various souls to the Way of the Rum will be posted later.However, I felt compelled [...]