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Where To Drink Rum: Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco

This is a guest post from Humuhumu [https://www.humuhumu.com] – a designer, programmer and tikiphile living in San Francisco where she has nearly unfettered access to what may be the best rum bar in the US, if not the world or even possibly the Solar System: Smuggler’s Cove. The Space: Most everyone who walks into Smuggler’s [...]

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Oktoberfest & Beyond: A Beer Tasting

Hundreds of thousands of people traveled to Bavaria last week for the opening ceremonies of what is perhaps Germany’s most famous celebration: Oktoberfest.  While I wasn’t able to make it to Munich for the festival this year (you win AGAIN, Responsibility!), I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon wending my way through an excellent [...]

Review: La Pizza Grotto

No, I have no idea what kind of name that is either.I had hoped to open this new blog with some rum postings, but my injuries put me a bit behind, so my notes on trying Temptryst Cherrywoood and converting various souls to the Way of the Rum will be posted later.However, I felt compelled [...]