An Evening Chat With Wayne Curtis

Tomorrow, May 12, Wayne Curtis will be dropping in at the Mixoloseum Chat Room to spend some time, well, chatting.  You may remember Wayne as the author of …and a bottle of rum (one of my all-time favorite books about my all-time favorite spirit), as well as his many features for The Atlantic and a small, little-known newspaper for the tiny village of New York (in the state of the same name).

Wayne’s chat will be starting at 7pm Eastern and lasting until he decides he’s done putting up with questions from addled fanboys and hero worshippers and returns to his golden, rum-filled palace in Valhalla (or New Orleans if you choose to believe what he tells you).  It is my understanding that the chat will be open to just about any appropriate topic, so drinks, rum, writing, shoe size, etc. are all on the table for discussion.  Be sure to drop by and tell him that you bought his book because I told you to, even if that isn’t true.

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  • Dr. Bamboo

    May 12, 2009, 15:18

    I’m there. I read his book over the holidays and loved it.