Distillery Tours

Visiting Brugal

A few weeks ago I left the cozy confines of the Anaheim Resort to travel to the Dominican Republic to visit with Brugal.  While there I toured their distillery, their blending and aging warehouses, and spent some time talking with representatives of the brand, including two of their Maestros Roneros. Brugal was founded by Andrés [...]

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ADI Conference 2009

Most people aren’t familiar with the American Distilling Institute (ADI), an organization dedicated to furthering the cause of craft distilling in the US.  The Institute allows smaller distilleries – both new and old – to cooperate and share information, to help further the science of distilling, and to (hopefully) continue the evolution of American Spirits.Every [...]

Distillery Tour: Old New Orleans Rum

During Tales of the Cocktail this year, I decided to make a trip down to see Celebration Distillation – home of Old New Orleans Rum.  I wanted to get an inside look at how this small American distillery was producing a unique collection of rums that they claim captures the essence of the Crescent City [...]

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