Rum Bar Opening This Fall In San Francisco

Martin Cate, co-creator of Forbidden Island Tiki Bar in Alameda, judge in the Ministry of Rum Tasting Competitions, rum connoisseur, and all-around awesome guy is opening a new bar this Fall in San Francisco. I haven’t yet written a great deal about bars here (although look for that to change in the coming months), and [...]

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Rums of Barbados @ Mixoloseum Blog

It actually went up last week, but I have a post up at the Mixoloseum Blog doing a mini-round-up of the rums from the Caribbean’s easternmost island, Barbados.  It is by no means a comprehensive list of the rums that are made on the island, as there are actually quite a few from R.L. Seale, [...]

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RumDood.com: Award-Winning Blog? Really?

If you’ve followed the news announcement on the left side of the page, or my Twitter feed, or my Facebook status, or – well a lot of places, you probably already know this, but I felt I should probably announce it officially here as well. It would appear that RumDood.com has been announced by Well-Fed [...]

MxMo Addendum: New York Rooster

OK, in my Mixology Monday: Spice! post I mentioned that I had been working on a spicy drink recipe using sriracha sauce sort of on a dare.  Well it wasn’t ready for that post, and maybe it isn’t even really ready now, but after some additional tinkerage tonight, I have something that I’m enjoying quite [...]

Save “Three Sheets”

I don’t often do this (like I’ve never done it before), but I wanted to take a moment to try and spread the word about Zane Lamprey’s TV show, “Three Sheets”, which currently airs on MOJOHD.  Apparently MOJOHD is closing its doors by the end of the year, and take its programming lineup with it [...]

Imbiber’s 100

Darcy O’Neil  over at Art Of Drink took a neat idea that had been floating around in the foodblogger-sphere for a while and has adapted it to those of us who worship tippling over nibbling.  I’m not sure everyone will agree with this list, but I think it’s a pretty good one (maybe that’s because [...]

First Anniversary: RumDood.com

Wow, seriously?  It’s been a year?  I didn’t even prepare a speech or anything.  It’s true, RumDood.com turns 1 year old today.  It’s been a crazy year too. When I started this blog, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it.  My first post was about breaking both of my arms the [...]

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