Ride, RumDood! RIDE! (A charity challenge)

by Matt Robold on September 2, 2014

Most people probably don’t know this, but in 2008 I found myself at a fork in the rode, debating whether to drop the cocktail blogging for cycling and blogging about that. I got really into it for about 12 months and then found other things to do, as is my wont.

One of the goals I had that I never met was riding a full century – a 100 mile ride. In Southern California that is typically accomplished by riding from Orange County to San Diego. Somewhere along the way I just lost my motivation.

Bike MS is sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a way to help raise money to fund research into treatments and a cure for multiple sclerosis. The National MS Society is pretty well-known, but I wasn’t aware of Bike MS, which holds a charity ride every October.

My friend, Dave Lieberman of OC Weekly fame, told me during one of my bar shifts that he rides it every year. If riding for charity can’t get me back on the saddle, then there’s something wrong with me.

That’s why I’m riding this year’s Bike MS SoCal Chapter’s ride from OC to SD. I’ll be riding 100 miles – and you can help!

Go to my Bike MS page and donate. I’ve set a meager goal of raising $1000.00. That’s totally doable, but I’m hoping to blow it out of the water. So donate, share the page with your friends and make them donate. Over the next 45 days or so, I’m hoping to also put together a few guest bartending spots for which all of the tips will go to the ride – and possibly some other events as well.

Tiki Night @ 320 – The Re-Re-Re-Re-Tikiing

August 14, 2014

I could write a lot about it, or just post this… That’s right. The Earth has completed yet another circle around the Sun God and he demands his offerings of fruit juices and rum. This year we’re doing it more OC style with myself, Kelly Merrell from Trader Sam’s, Michelle Bearden from 320 Main (who […]

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Pele’s Peak

May 24, 2014
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Piña Coladas are delicious, but boring. Painkillers are far more interesting, but also far more likely to get you into legal troubles. The Pele’s Peak, however, is only likely to get you to order another one. * image courtesy ThirstyInLA.com

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Listen To Me Talk Tiki On KCRW

April 5, 2014
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Not too long ago I was asked to stop by local NPR affiliate, KCRW to talk with Evan Kleiman on her show, Good Food about Tiki drinks and rum. I think I only mentioned Jeff “Beachbum” Berry two or three times, and to be honest, the entire interview should have been little more than me […]

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Revisiting the Twelve Mile Limit

February 10, 2014
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You never know when or where inspiration may strike. The Twelve Mile Limit is a drink I really love, but I have to confess that it’s not one that I often have. Keeping a mental Rolodex of drink recipes that I like in my head can sometimes lead to complete brain lock-up when ordering a […]

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Just One Shift – Donating Tips To Wine To Water

April 8, 2013
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This coming Sunday – April 14, 2013 – I’ll be working my normal shift at 320 Main. I say normal, but we’re going to do something different this week as I take part in Gaz Regan’s movement called Just One Shift. The movement is trying to get bartenders to donate one shift’s tips to Wine […]

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Rum Society and MurrayAid at Caña

October 26, 2012

Murray Stenson is a legend among bartenders and lovers of craft cocktails. The long-time Seattle bartender has been elbow-deep in the craft for longer than most of today’s best bartenders have been drinking anything stronger than juiceboxes. He has won awards such as American Bartender of the Year, and is considered by many bartenders and […]

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