Photo courtesy Yoav Gershon, Off Script Shooting Captain Parker’s Punch submitted by Zack Jerome of Lost Angeles Blog 2 cups Mount Gay Eclipse 1 cup Mount Gay Eclipse Silver .5 cup Single Malt Scotch .5 cup Grenadine 1 cup Lime Juice 1 cup Orange Juice 1 cup Tangerine Juice 1 cup Pineapple Juice Mix all [...]

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Labor Day Rum Punch Giveaway!

Labor Day approaches, and what better way to wet the whistles of guests to your beach or pool party than a big bowl of rum punch?  How about a bowl of rum punch made with free rum, courtesy of Mount Gay Rum? and Mount Gay Rum are going to make sure that at least [...]

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Rum Events For The End of 2009

Looking for a rum or tiki-related event to attend this year but just aren’t sure where to go?  Lucky for you, I get invited to all kinds of rum and tiki events I couldn’t possibly afford to go to unless every reader here was willing to donate $1000 a year to the cause.  I don’t [...]

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Tales of the Cocktail 2009 – The Beginning

July has come around once again and Tales of the Cocktail is upon us.  Every year bartenders, brand representatives, cocktail luminaries, and a rag-tag collection of cocktail nerds enthusiasts bloggers descend on New Orleans for 5 days of intense cocktail education and consumption. Subjects vary from how to operate as a beverage program consultant (that [...]

Rum Renaissance 2009: A Look Back

“Rum is not just a drink – it’s a lifestyle.” – Paul McFadyen, IP Bartenders Rum Renaissance is the first major conference in the US dedicated to rum.  The festival is the brain child of Robert A. Burr and his family (wife Robin and son Robert V. Burr), and was organized this year in Miami, [...]

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An Evening Chat With Wayne Curtis

Tomorrow, May 12, Wayne Curtis will be dropping in at the Mixoloseum Chat Room to spend some time, well, chatting.  You may remember Wayne as the author of …and a bottle of rum (one of my all-time favorite books about my all-time favorite spirit), as well as his many features for The Atlantic and a [...]

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ADI Conference 2009

Most people aren’t familiar with the American Distilling Institute (ADI), an organization dedicated to furthering the cause of craft distilling in the US.  The Institute allows smaller distilleries – both new and old – to cooperate and share information, to help further the science of distilling, and to (hopefully) continue the evolution of American Spirits.Every [...]