Mixology Monday

Mixology Monday: Vodka

Mixology Monday strikes again!  After a July hiatus thanks to Tales of the Cocktail, Felicia’s Speakeasy hosts the August 09 edition with a topic that is not so near-and-dear to many a cocktail blogger’s heart: Vodka. The theme of August 10th’s Mixology Monday is “Vodka is Your Friend.” The recent high profile bashings of vodka [...]

Mixology Monday XL: Ginger!

Once every month the great cocktail enthusiasts of the world band together around a common, randomly selected theme to give you Mixology Monday.  Every month a different sucker – err – host chooses a theme and collects everyone’s submissions.  This month, I am that sucker. For the month of June we find ourselves smack dab [...]

Mixology Monday: Ginger – The Drink

Mixology Monday stares me down in the face again, and this month I’ve foolishly agreed to be the host of our monthly cocktail party.  I figured I’d throw out a drink submission of my own, however, before my own deadline expired and I was forced to break my own rules.This month’s Mixology Monday theme, as [...]

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RumDood.com Hosts June Mixology Monday

Somewhere along the way I seem to have completely lost my mind.  While I’ve been participating in Mixology Monday – an online monthly cocktail party hosted by a different site each month – for over a year now, I’ve not yet had the moxie (lack of sanity?) to try and host one. Unfortunately for me, [...]

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Mixology Monday: Amaro

It’s Mixology Monday again, and this month’s topic was a tough one for me.  I missed last month’s MxMo and swore I wouldn’t miss the May MxMo, hosted by Chuck Taggart over at the Gumbo Pages.  Of course, when I made that plan I wasn’t considering the fact that on the eve of the deadline [...]

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Mixology Monday: The First Time

I know things have been a little quiet around here lately, but I assure you that these still waters are running deep.  In the meantime, another Mixology Monday has come upon us.  This month’s theme – “The First Time” – is brought to us by LUPEC-Boston.  To wit:This event was inspired by a chance encounter [...]

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Mixology Monday: Hard Drinks For Hard Times

It’s no secret that these times, they are a bit tough.  Everywhere you look people are trying to cut back, scrimp, save, cut corners and generally keep their cash in their wallets.  All of this belt-tightening means giving up on a few luxuries.  So we find ourselves drinking a little less 30 year old rum, [...]

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